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Learn Vue JS 3 & Firebase by creating & deploying dynamic web apps (including Authentication).

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to create Vue 3 applications from the ground-up
  • Get in-depth knowledge of Vue features like the Vue Router, Vue CLI, Options API, Composition API, Teleport etc
  • Get hands-on & in-depth experience using the latest Vue 3 features (such as the Composition API)
  • Learn how to use Firebase as a back-end to your Vue applications (as a database, authentication service, hosting etc)
  • Build & deploy 4 real-world web apps with Vue & Firebase
  • Learn how to implement an authentication system into your Vue js apps using Firebase Auth
  • Become a Vue 3 ninja!


  • A basic understanding of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • ES6 Knowledge is advantageous
  • An appreciation of async JavaScript is a plus but not essential


If you’re looking to get started building full-stack applications with Vue 3 (or Vue 2) and Firebase, then look no further. In this course I’ll take you from novice to ninja in Vue JS 3, starting out with the very basics and then moving on towards creating fully-fledged Vue applications.

We’ll spend a whole chapter learning about the Vue Router – and how to create SPA’s (single page applications) using it – as well as exploring how to use the Vue CLI to get up and running quickly when creating slightly larger Vue applications.

We’ll also dive deep into the newest features Vue 3 has to offer, including a lot about the Composition API & Composable Functions.

I’ll also teach you how to use Firebase – an online & free service provided by Google which will act as a feature-rich back-end to our Vue applications. We’ll learn how to use Firebase to store and retrieve real-time data to and from a NoSQL database called Firestore, as well as authenticate our app’s users with the Firebase Auth service, We’ll also take a peak at Firebase Storage (which will enable us to allow users to upload images on our Vue sites), as well as deploying all of our applications to Firebase hosting.

Along the way we’ll create several full projects, including a reaction timer, project tracker, a blog, a real-time chatroom & a music playlist website.

There’s a crazy amount to cover, but by the end of this course you’ll be in a position to create full-stack web applications (complete with user authentication) using Vue 3 and Firebase!

I’m also know as The Net Ninja on YouTube

…With around 600,000 subscribers and nearly 2000 free web development tutorials. So feel free to check out my teaching style and reviews before you buy my course :).

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create websites with Vue 3 & Firebase
  • Anyone who wants to learn Vue and Firebase
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Authentication in Vue apps
  • Anyone who wants to learn Vue from the ground up
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Firebase in their applications

Featured review

A really good teacher, good pace, good stuff covered. The only thing is that the code is a little bit lagging in current Vue setup. The folder structure and files created by newer version of vue cli are not aligned with the videos here. Would be great if the teacher could update or atleast create a video informing about how to go about when things like index.js no longer exists and router.js is used instead and so on. Besides the not so up-to-date everything else is great!

Course content

27 sections • 297 lectures • 29h 46m total length

  • Introduction & Setup
  • Vue Basics
  • The Vue CLI (for Bigger Projects)
  • PROJECT BUILD – Reaction Timer
  • Forms & Data Binding
  • Vue Router Basics
  • Fetching Data
  • PROJECT BUILD – Simple Project Planner
  • The Composition API
  • Async Code (& the Composition API)
  • Routing (with the Composition API)
  • Firebase Databases (Firestore)
  • PROJECT BUILD – Live Chat Room with Authentication
  • Building & Deploying (Firebase Hosting)
  • Firebase Security Rules
  • PROJECT BUILD – Muso Ninjas (& Firebase Storage)
  • Extra Lessons & More Resources
  • ARCHIVED – Introduction
  • ARCHIVED – Vue.js Basics
  • ARCHIVED – The Vue CLI
  • ARCHIVED – The Vue Router
  • ARCHIVED – Project One – Ninja Smoothies
  • ARCHIVED – Project Two – Real-Time Chat App
  • ARCHIVED – Project Three – Geo Ninjas
  • ARCHIVED – Firebase Cloud Functions
  • ARCHIVED – ES6 & Extras

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